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Outcry Witness is the third and final book in Zigal's New Orleans trilogy

“As much as we think we all know about the clergy abuse scandal in the Catholic Church, Thomas Zigal gives us something new -- an insider’s perspective, combined with psychological depth, that provide an eye-opening view into the true horror of how it all happened. Outcry Witness is at once a riveting page turner and a deadly serious meditation on the confusion and hypocrisy made possible by what this superb novel’s narrator ruefully but accurately calls 'Catholic allegiance'.” -- Anthony Giardina, author of The Country of Marriage and Norumbega Park

"This concluding novel in Thomas Zigal's New Orleans Trilogy is both perfectly timed to recent headlines, and it is compelling reading. At the same time, this well-written mystery thriller is troubling in its subject matter: sex crimes, deaths, and cover-ups within the Catholic church. In Outcry Witness, a priest, Father Edward McMurray, and the priest's nephew, Peter Moore, a director of communications for a Catholic diocese in New Orleans, initially help cover up the sex-related murder of a parish assistant pastor. Later, they conduct their own dangerous investigation to try to find the killer while keeping the police misinformed. Why would they risk their careers and lives to do this? 'Call it Catholic allegiance. Semper fidelis,' Peter confesses to himself at one point in the book. 'Religion had been a blood sport for centuries, and even as schoolchildren, we Catholics had been taught that an attack on the Church was an attack on each one of us. I didn't want to give the smirking haters an excuse for ridiculing the faith I'd practiced all my life.'" -- Si Dunn, Amazon customer review

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Outcry Witness is the gripping story of a clergy abuse cover-up told from the inside. . . . Thomas Zigal has also delivered a spiritual thriller . . . that pulls the reader in a powerful narrative tide swirling with mysteries of guilt and doubt, faith and betrayal, that carries the reader toward the startling conclusion.” -- Jason Berry, author of Lead Us Not Into Temptation: Catholic Priests and the Sexual Abuse of Children
"Thomas Zigal has entered New Orleans' heart of darkness after Katrina. His story is brave, frightening, and so dramatic that at times you have to get up and walk around the room." --Jan Reid, author of The Bullet Meant for Me
Blackmail, an elite secret society in New Orleans, and a white supremacist running for governor of Louisiana are the main ingredients in this Southern crawfish boil of a novel.
"This is a terrifically strong and wonderfully humane new voice in crime fiction."
--James Crumley, author of The Last Good Kiss
"A deftly plotted mystery...intricate and ingenious.... Zigal tells a provocative and compelling story."
--Dallas Morning News
"Kurt Muller remains one of the most interesting characters on the American mystery scene."
--Scott Turow, author of Presumed Innocent