Many Rivers to Cross
Hurricane Katrina struck the Louisiana Gulf Coast in late August of 2005. In the aftermath of the category-three hurricane, the churning waters of Lake Pontchartrain tore through the levee system of New Orleans, causing unprecedented flooding and stranding those who had failed to evacuate in time. Images of desperate men and women clinging to rooftops filled every news station. It is in this setting that Many Rivers to Cross unfolds.

With water rapidly rising to alarming heights, the only way in or out of New Orleans is by boat. Hodges Grant, a veteran of Vietnam, must ply the fetid waters in a homemade craft in order to reach his daughter and two grandchildren stranded in their home.

The White League
Coffee magnate Paul Blanchard's comfortable world is turned upside down when his old fraternity brother threatens to expose a dangerous secret that Paul has been harboring for 20 years -- unless Paul bankrolls Morvant's bid for governor. And in the bargain, Morvant demands that Paul secure the financial and political backing of a clandestine group called The White League, which Morvant insists has been the real powerbrokers in New Orleans for a hundred years. Paul's desperate pursuit of the truth uncovers family secrets, historical intrigue, and the underworld machinations of a mysterious group that will resort to murder in order to maintain their control of the city.

Into Thin Air
When the body of an Argentine journalist is found floating down the Roaring Fork River in Aspen, Sheriff Kurt Muller, aging hippie, single father, and son of one of the resort's founders, finds himself entangled in an undercover FBI investigation that implicates him in drug-trafficking and murder.

Hardrock Stiff
When an irascible old mine owner of prime real estate on Aspen mountain is killed in a mine explosion, Sheriff Kurt Muller is drawn into a dangerous covert war between militant eco-warriors and powerful corporate forces grappling for economic and political control of the New American West.

When wealthy recluse Nicole Bauer is found dead at her Aspen mansion, her old flame Sheriff Kurt Muller becomes a prime suspect. To clear his name and find her killer, he delves deep into Nicole's decadent music-groupie past and the mystery surrounding a rock legend's death at her mansion 20 years earlier.

1st Editions Signed by the Author
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Selected Works

"Thomas Zigal has entered New Orleans' heart of darkness after Katrina. His story is brave, frightening, and so dramatic that at times you have to get up and walk around the room." --Jan Reid, author of The Bullet Meant for Me
Blackmail, an elite secret society in New Orleans, and a white supremacist running for governor of Louisiana are the main ingredients in this Southern crawfish boil of a novel.
"This is a terrifically strong and wonderfully humane new voice in crime fiction."
--James Crumley, author of The Last Good Kiss
"A deftly plotted mystery...intricate and ingenious.... Zigal tells a provocative and compelling story."
--Dallas Morning News
"Kurt Muller remains one of the most interesting characters on the American mystery scene."
--Scott Turow, author of Presumed Innocent